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"Within weeks of working with Dean, I have seen an immediate impact in my success as a new Vice President at my firm. My team's response to my leadership style has been overwhelmingly positive, in a way I have never experienced before."

Tami A.

"Dean was a wonderful guide through my exploration of improving the personal and professional relationships in my life. Without question, I am a more confident and effective business leader as a result of the principles and skills he taught me."

Louisa W.

"There's one word to describe Dean Smith's coaching - and that's TRANSFORMATIVE. He has a holistic approach to coaching that covers not only the intellectual, but also the emotional and spiritual. As a result of his coaching, I've broken personal sales records and have a more positive relationship with my kids. If you're seeking a high performance coach, I highly recommend Dean!"

Michelle B.


Dean utilizes the proprietary Habit Finder assessment which accurately measures 36 of your thought processes, and shines light on how to reach your potential. First, toxic mindsets are weeded-out and squashed. Then, you are given practical tools and insights that create new, consistent habits. The end result elevates your performance, while multiplying your potential income. And the whole process is more fun than you might imagine.



Freedom Through Forgiveness Expert


Keynote Speaker

 Why do organizations value Dean Smith’s presentations so much? Because Dean seizes his audiences with “lightning-bolt moments”… those turning points where the breaks SCREECH and you say, “AH HA! This guy GETS where I’m coming from!” It’s a unique connection that very few people can achieve with any audience, let alone the large diverse groups that Dean often engages.

But it’s not just a rah-rah session and a kick in the butt. It’s a journey loaded with actionable practices and insights that get results in the real world.





Dean has spoken to hundred of audiences around the nation and helped thousands of people from diverse backgrounds to experience radical breakthrough's in their minds, relationships, and business by learning to live a lifestyle of forgiveness.





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